Februar 2018

> "Learning Space of the Year“: KEGGENHOFF I PARTNER nominiert für FRAME AWARD

Wir sind wahnsinnig stolz:
Über 900 Einreichungen aus der ganzen Welt standen einer hochqualifizierten internationalen Jury als Auswahloption zur Verfügung. Eines unserer Projekte, das wir für das Erzbistum Köln innenarchitektonisch konzipieren und umsetzen durften, wurde für den FRAME AWARD 2018 nominiert - das Erzbischöfliche Berufskolleg in Köln / EBK.

FRAME founder and director Robert Thiemann says: ‘It’s no secret that we believe meaningful, well-made spaces make people happier and, ultimately, healthier. That’s why Frame magazine has published the crème de la crème of international interior design for 20 years.’ But it’ was time for the next step: giving you, the people, a voice in recognizing and rewarding the spaces that serve you best.

FRAME has invited designers, makers, and clients from all over the world to submit their best interiors and spatial work. Each category will have a separate jury with at least one designer, one manufacturer, and one client, led by a chairman. This means that the work will be judged not just by other designers but by all industry stakeholders: retail brands, hospitality providers, cultural institutions, and educators. People who commission the work – and those who are served by the work.

- FRAME / www.frameweb.com